CITY model

Torgos CITY

Compact roaddryer

Compact roaddryer for drying and cleaning road surface. Strong, reliable turbine ensure effective and trouble- free work.

Lightweight construction makes it very easy to operate and carry even for one person. Difusion nozzle close to the edge of the machine allows dry very close to the edge of the road.

Advantages of Torgos CITY:

  • smaller sizes and a weight of 50 kg make it easier to carry and transport,
  • a large turbine enables effective work, fuel tank for 30 minutes work,
  • Filter change after one year of operation, easy drying at the edge of the road,
  • tilt the machine for short breaks without waiting for the turbine to cool down and start up again,
  • telemetry system,
  • fuel: diesel, NO oil addition,
  • stainless steel construction,
  • front wheels absorbs shocks,
  • silicone heat and dirt shield to protect the operator’s feet